Regional Information

There are seven regional associations representing the United States franchisees:

In addition to these seven domestic regions, the AKFCF has members in Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America, and Canada.  For a breakdown of regions by state, please click here.

Membership in a regional association means automatic membership in the AKFCF.   And, the backbone of the regional association is its regional secretary.  The secretary keeps the membership rosters up-to-date and is a constant liaison for the board of directors, whose officers change on an annual basis.  The secretary also plans and coordinates the Spring and Fall regional meetings.
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If you would like information about joining your regional association or about exhibiting and attending a regional meeting, please contact the secretary in your area.
CARIBLA Zaira Guevara 305-384-4242
GREAT LAKES Mary Beth Hamilton 812-522-4955
MEXICO Claudia Villanueva 011-5255-5661-9104
NORTHEAST Ray Aley 802-318-4705
NORTHWEST Shannon Prendiville 503-930-7789
SOUTHEAST Bonny Shelton 434-836-1237
SOUTHWEST Kelli Spring 505-278-0102
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Deborah Ossanlo 310-422-6464
UPPER MIDWEST Kevin Schlutz 319-728-3282