President's Welcome

Welcome to the AKFCF!

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your President for the next 12 months. Among the special attributes that I value and will remain areas of emphasis during my term, will be the Association’s collective voice, culture and focus on leadership. I strongly believe that a fulfilling work environment yields better results for our association and our restaurants’ team members.

Leading our association through this time of consolidation is a priority. We all learned from Bryan Robinson that we need to evolve to remain efficient, effective and valuable to our members.  Maintaining our strength as an association will always be our main priority. This strength is derived from serving and hearing every member equally, regardless of size, location or involvement.

Working with all of our resources to address our restaurant labor requirements will be a priority. Not only finding ways to be more efficient with our labor, but also creating a culture in our restaurant that results in lower turnover, engaged employees and appealing career paths.

​The QSR industry is an extremely competitive landscape. Customer market share, employee attraction and retention, product offering and delivery…….. They are ALL being pursued aggressively by us and the competition. I honestly believe that KFC is in the game and striving in these areas. That is exciting! As a brand, and as operating franchisees, we need to stay on the very top of our game. This competition is pushing us to become our very best, and that is EXCITING!

Honest communication and trust will allow us to become the best. Putting our best people in the correct positions and situations to use their strengths will allow us to become the best. Listening to each other without preconceived notions will allow us to become the best.

The benefits of the AKFCF membership are like having a “team” at your disposal that essentially comes “free”. It is like having your own personal board of directors…. your own legal team…. your own peer group to share great ideas. Business is difficult and by yourself, it is even more difficult. With the AKFCF, you are never alone.

The AKFCF Executive Committee is committed to make the national Convention a great use of our member’s time. We will continue the condensed schedule, but make sure franchisees have plenty of time for networking, socializing and visiting vendors. Our keynote speaker will be scheduled at prime time and you will not want to miss it! We will definitely have a country music flair at the Convention!

I would encourage every franchisee to get involved with the Association. If you are hesitant to get involved, start by making a small step. Attend a call, go to a regional meeting, go to the national Convention…..and talk to those franchisees who you know and are involved. The association exists to serve the franchisees. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

I’m looking forward to a great year with you all!

Best regards,

Jim McKenzie, AKFCF President