Thursday, February 7, 2019

Regional Breakfast Meetings

8:30 a.m. - 11: 30 a.m.

Allowing more time to take care of business, your regions now have three hours to congregate with their members to discuss and conduct important association business matters. Members of the AKFCF leadership will pop in to address any concerns and answer questions.

Convention Registration and Green Room Experience!

11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

If you didn't get in on Wednesday to pick up your badge, you'll have a whole new registration experience when you check in for “Prime Time 2.” Begin by walking the red-carpet to take a selfie with your fellow celebrities in front of the step and repeat screen, then obtain your VIP badge that allows you access into the show and exclusive private events. Once checked in, you can enter the NEW AKFCF “Prime Time 2” Green Room. Just got off the plane and want to look and feel refreshed? We’ve got you covered with experts from our hair, make-up and massage team. Relax and unwind in a fun and funky atmosphere with unique finger foods and drinks. And don’t forget to pick up your swag bag on the way out!

Visit the registration desks across from Gatlin Ballroom to pick up your name badge and other registration materials.  Again this year you'll be registering alphabetically instead of at a regional desk to make it easier and quicker for you!



Are you prepared for the all the cost implications of the next minimum wage increase?

This workshop is created and delivered by franchisees with the ARL in mind. There will be a demonstration of key tools that can be used to build actionable plans around Labor Productivity. As new labor cost savings measures like Scoop to Order and Pre-Packaged Cookies are introduced to the system, these tools can help you better understand how to properly deploy your restaurant’s scheduled labor to create a positive experience for your customers while growing sales and profits.


Technology is the differentiating factor in today’s QSR Industry and to be able to reach our customers we really need to understand all the tools available to help our restaurants run more efficiently.

How can you make your restaurant easier to run while saving time?  Learn from an ARL and RGM about how the KFC Mobile Manager platform can really ease operations for your management teams and staff. They will share with you some ideas about how this investment can really pay off.

Do you know what your Sales were last hour? With KFC’s new reporting tool, you can have access to pertinent information about your restaurants in “Real Time” not the next day.  Learn from franchisees how they are using this new tool to save money.

What’s next?  There is so much technology in development at the current time. What equipment should you be focusing on to be competitive in the market place while simplifying operations.


Are you and your teams ready for the future of KFC?  Leaders across the business will share what we’re working on to position your restaurants to be more profitable and make the KFC brand more relevant and easy for our guests and teams. Join us to learn more about our plans for delivery, online ordering, and more; changes coming to the restaurants to make your teams’ jobs easier and more efficient; and things you can do now to ensure you have (and keep) the right teams in place to deliver on the Colonel’s promise. We’ll also give you actionable tools and tips to help you prepare for the future of KFC!

Welcome Reception in the Trade Show

The Welcome Reception is a great opportunity to join your fellow franchisees and our valued suppliers in the Trade Show. Featuring everything you need to run your restaurant profitably, the exhibitors will showcase all of their newest products and services. Enjoy food and drinks and get exclusive access to the exhibitors you’ve been waiting to meet; network with peers as you preview cutting-edge products from more than 175 leading companies. Revel in the company of colleagues and friends and make new connections as we kick-off the start of an exciting new season.

NEW THIS YEAR!   Look for the “Prime Time Prize Place,” which will be located in a prominent area of the Trade Show. Let’s “Keep it Real” - who doesn’t want to win a fabulous prize! “Prize Place” will be a fun, creative and eye-catching display of our exhibitors’ unique, high ticket items or services available for guests of the show to win. Pick what prizes look appealing to you and then then head over to that supplier’s booth and enter to win. Drawings will be held during the Trade Show on Friday and guests MUST be present to win.