2019 Convention Awards


Kimra Schleicher is awarded the AKFCF's Colonel's Legacy Award - shown here with her parents, AKFCF Past President Alice Schleicher and husband and partner, Richard.


AKFCF Lifetime Achievement honoree, Jim Olsen.


Don Miller of On Display received the AKFCF's Outstanding Partner Award.

Shown here with his family, David Sparks receives the new AKFCF John R. Neal award.

Rob Rianna and family after being awarded the prestigious PETE Award from KFCC.


Pete Wasilevich and family - Pete received the KFCC President's Award.

Three Hard Way Awards were awarded by KFC-NCAC:


  Jason Miller, On Display                             Vijay Sukumar, KFCC                                  Anthony Gianino, KBP Foods

KFCC's  Bold Developer of the Year Award was given to Alessio DiFranco and Jay & Kelly Shoffner.