President's Welcome

“YOU GET BACK MANY TIMES MORE THAN WHAT YOU GIVE” is never more true than with your KFC family!!!

As I look back at the many years working with KFC, I cherish most the people I have met and the relationships I have made.  Diane and I started working on weekends at the Belmont North Carolina KFC while attending college.  Starting as a crew person, I eventually worked my way up to President, which I’ve held most of my career.  Throughout those many years, Troy and Pauline Day provided me with a career that most could only dream of, allowing me to serve on many committees and franchisee organizations.

I have served as President of several local KFC Advertising Co-ops, President of the Southeast KFC Franchise Association, two terms on the NCAC, Chair of the Operations Committee, and now President of AKFCF.  These experiences have helped me grow as an individual.  All that I have learned and the many relationships made along the way have helped make me who I am today.  I have also traveled to almost every part of our great USA attending KFC meetings.  I say this to encourage everyone to serve your KFC organizations and let them serve you personally.  The old saying of “you get back many times more than what you give” is never more true than with your KFC family.

All the families, franchisees, bosses, employees and KFC corporate leaders that have helped me to arrive at this point in my life are the greatest example of the strength of our KFC system.  AKFCF and our regional organizations are the backbone of our franchisee family. They help provide business education and build business relationships.  AKFCF IS DEDICATED TO YOUR SUCCESS!!

When we started our O incorporated company several years ago, one of the first things I wanted to do was identify our company’s core values. We used these to help make decisions and to keep us focused on the fundamentals, which help us personally and professionally.

O Incorporated Core Values

Be Great – Strive to exceed expectations through customer service, teamwork, and continuous improvement

Accountability – Taking ownership and delivering on commitments

Integrity – Keeping to one’s word, promises, agreements, being truthful, non-deceitful.  I am thrilled to have KFC President and Chief Concept Officer Kevin Hochman to work with during my year as AKFCF President.  Kevin and his team have similar values as I do, so forming a strong trusting partnership is easy.  We are extremely fortunate to have Kevin lead our KFC Brand.  Bringing our Colonel back was exactly what we needed.  During our last NCAC meeting Kevin sat in on an ops committee meeting.  I have never seen a President get the big picture like he does.  He talks about our core products, value and ops simplification.  Profits continue to increase in our company and I hear the same from most of you.  This is in large part due to the partnership we have formed with KFCC over the last couple years.  I am grateful to our AKFCF, NCAC and KFCC leadership that has played a role in our new direction.  As we execute at a higher level, and the public realizes that we clearly have the very best food available on the street, we will continue to grow.  I am confident we will continue to improve and become a top brand of choice in the USA.  Would the Colonel be proud of the accomplishments and direction we are taking now?  I know the answer would be a resounding YES!!

Greg Atwell, Chris Fowler, Joan Bowling, Larry Starkey, Larue Kohl and the many leaders we’ve had before have provided the foundation for our Association to continue to thrive.  Our AKFCF bench of Bryan Robinson and Jim McKenzie are poised and ready to serve.  Kevin Schlutz and Keith Cole continue to play vital roles in the executive committee.  The AKFCF and NCAC committees are all working to assure we continue to improve our great brand and protect our franchisees’ rights.  Our AKFCF staff of Kelly Rodenberg, Ron Gardner and Debbie Newton are top notch and are the folks that can and will get much of the work done.

I am honored to serve as your 2017/2018 AKFCF President.

Best regards,

Eric Overcash, AKFCF President