Government Affairs

AKFCF Top Line Issue Update

Labor- Overtime

We expect there will be an increase to the Federal Minimum Salary, there isn’t anything scheduled in the immediate future.  The soonest this might come up will be following the mid-term elections  The GAC and PAC will be active and lobbying members to keep any increase manageable.

Do you have all the staff you need?  If so, you are a lucky minority!  We will continue to work with Congress towards immigration reform.  There just isn’t enough people to fill our jobs, we need reform.

Minimum Wage

While Minimum Wage is a state/local issue the GAC is focused on assisting franchisee in forming lobbying days and groups.  As we discussed on August’s Webinar, the Regional Representatives will do everything they can to guide and coordinate franchisees.  We hope everyone was able to join the webinar and can take action based on their learnings.

Tax Reform – Depreciation

This continues to be a very important issue due to drafting errors in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  Issues include a depreciation issue with qualified improvement property “QIP”.  The GAC is working with trade groups, CPAs and Congress so we can get these full benefits for the 2018 tax year.

Joint Employer

We continue to partner with KFCC urging Congress to codify in law what constitutes a joint employer relationship.  Hopefully, you joined the August Minimum Wage Webinar and heard from Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-AL) who has authored the Save Local Business Act.  We need your help getting this through the closely divided Senate.


This has been a big focus by the AKFCF GAC/PAC.  Reforming or repealing ethanol will cut our cost of sales and reduce everyone’s grocery bills.  The GAC/PAC will be hosting a webinar devoted to this topic so you too will be well versed when lobbying your Representatives and Senators.  The GAC/PAC will continue working with other trade groups and Congress on a national level.


Like Minimum Wage, there are numerous other headwinds facing employers on the state and local level.  Among the issues, Paid Leave, Restrictive Scheduling, Sugary Beverage Taxes are just a few.  The GAC/PAC works closely with Crady deGolian to educate and rally our franchisees.  We highly encourage you to contact Crady and invite him to your Regional Meetings so your members know where to turn and how to best influence the outcome of these mandates.


Your AKFCF Government Affairs Committee

Ray Aley – Chair

Brett Harris – Vice-Chair

Leslie Sharp – Secretary & PAC Secretary

Keith Cole – Treasurer GAC

Lesley Hottinger – Representative GL & PAC Chair

Austin Felker – Representative SE

Ralph Harman – Representative NW

Scott Peterka – Representative NE

Bill Ford – Representative SW

Shahid Chaudhry – Representative SoCAL

Peg Duenow – Representative UMW

Jamie Jackson – Representative Harman

Brandon Robertson – Representative EC Liaison

Dale Black – Representative At-Large UMW

Jay Trujillo – Representative At-Large Harman

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