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On Tuesday, May 16th, the AKFCF PAC is co-hosting an event in Washington, DC for Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL-26) with Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Yum!. Rep. Curbelo is a young member of the House Ways and Means Committee and in this era of tax reform, a fantastic member to support. 

Going forward, we are anticipating more cooperation between the PACs and are looking forward to hosting many more events in Washington, DC that benefit the industry. These joint events make the AKFCF stronger and your continued support of the PAC is the only way these events are made possible. If anyone is interested in attending this event, please email Mary Donohue at Polaris Consulting ( for more information. 

If you would like to donate to the PAC to support not only this event, but all future events and AKFCF federal endeavors, please follow this link to donate online

Spring Fly-In

The AKFCF Government Affairs Committee had its Bi-Annual Fly In March 21-23.  On Tuesday night at the AKFCF Rayburn Reception, we served just under 1,000 people (staff, Members and industry reps) and had just a few scraps of food left by the end of the event.  Thank you to everyone for attending and for helping make this a success! 

On Wednesday, the Fly In participants had 22 meetings in the Senate and 30 meetings in the House for a total of 52 meetings.  Click here to read the Talking Points that the Fly In participants used during the meetings with the Senate and House.

Your AKFCF Government Affairs Committee

Peg Duenow - Chair

Ray Aley - Vice-Chair

Gene Duenow - Secretary

Dale Black - Treasurer

Lesley Hottinger - Representative GL

Leslie Sharp - Representative SE

Jim Waters - Representative NE

Joe Adams - Representative UMW

Franklyn Nye - Representative SW

Brett Harris - Representative NW

Shahid Chaudhry - Representative SOC

Bryan Robinson - EC Liaison

Wiley Dean - At Large

Jamie Jackson - Harman's (at large)

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