February 2018

SoCal Region Update

By Deborah Ossanlo

Our SoCal region had our Fall Meeting again combined with the Northwest region in September in San Diego, California. The AKFCF is encouraging regions to get together on their regional meetings, and for the past two years, we have had the Northwest region join us out here in California. It has been a great learning experience and the feedback from our members has been encouraging us to continue this effort. Speaking with the Northwest franchisees and sharing business practices is a wonderful opportunity. Outside of business, we enjoyed a dinner cruise in San Diego, and a Hawaiian luau with the Northwest!

The Northwest, prior to joining our region the past two years, has gone to Hawaii for their Fall Meetings. They have decided to go to Hawaii again for 2018, and SoCal will be joining in the fun and festivities, as well as a productive meeting! We look forward to continuing these joint regional meetings, and we encourage other regions to consider the same. Vendors love the combined meetings too, since they have one travel plan and get exposure to two regions.


Northeast Region Update

By Dale Moulton

2018 has started off with Old Man winter paying most of the Northeast a visit. Coupled with the weather, we continue to battle minimum wage increases and the associated wage compression. This has presented significant challenges to many of our franchisees. Statewide, New York continues to raise the QSR wage to $15.00 an hour. Our franchisees in NYC are already paying $15.00 per hour. With that said, Ray Aley, Jim Waters, Larry Starkey and Keith Cole continue to keep our franchisees engaged at the local, state and national levels. The Northeast continues to have a strong presence at the upcoming Washington, D.C. Spring Fly-In (March 13 -15, 2018) and at a local Lobby Day in Albany on March 27. We’d also like to thank Crady DeGolian for his leadership on state issues.

We also look forward to the AKFCF Convention where we will have the opportunity to engage with our cooperate partners and network with the other regions. Rob Rianna and our KFCC partners have designed workshops that will add great value. KFCC will help us better understand the menu strategy as we move thru 2018 while strengthening RGM capabilities in our restaurants. During the Regional Breakouts in Anaheim, we will ensure that our members are aligned on common goals for the balance of 2018.

We just completed our spring planning meeting in Atlantic City at Harrah’s. The amazing property provides our region a great venue to bring our RGM teams together. During the three days, we will be recognizing, rewarding, training, team building and having some fun every day.

Our upcoming fall meeting will be in Niagara Falls, September 17–20, 2018. This convention will host another exciting golf tournament, which will benefit the KFC Foundation. Additionally, we are focusing on above store- and director-level training programs for this convention. Please consider this an invitation. For more information, please contact incoming regional President, Joe Farley at jfarleykfc@optonline.net. The Canadian side, Marriott Falls View hotel will be our host for this convention.

In closing, my theme for this year is, “Leading the Way, A Proud Tradition with an Everlasting Legacy.” The Northeast continues to recognize our legacy members. We have been honored to recognize franchisees like Percy Fennel, Dave Evans, Darlene Pfeiffer, Ken Rianna, Ron Giles and most recently Don Lopes. As the 2017-2018 Northeast president, this has been my greatest honor to represent and partner with these amazing people!

See you in Anaheim!


Education Committee Update

By Rob Rianna

The start of the AKFCF National Convention is just around the corner. The Education Committee has been putting the final touches on this year’s fantastic workshops and we can’t wait for you to see them. A few weeks ago, we reviewed the workshops focusing on People. This time we are going to provide you more information about the workshops focused on Operations.

Are your restaurants facing a lot of pressure from the major increases in minimum wages that are occurring all around the country? What can you do to make sure that have the right staffing levels at the time that your business needs staffing the most? The Education Committee and KFCC have partnered on a workshop that will help you understand how to properly use Merit to make a perfect schedule and give your restaurants the best chance to succeed. Our managers need to be proactive when planning and scheduling so we can optimize our labor costs while still providing an exceptional guest experience. This workshop will review the critical principles that will help your restaurants create a schedule that will be more efficient and balanced. Check out our video where we discuss some of these principles. 

The restaurant industry has been a major target for employee manipulation and KFC is no exception. Industry studies reveal that as much as 7 percent of sales can be lost to employee manipulation. The Education Committee, KFCC and two of our vendor partners (Delegate and Overseer) have created a workshop where you will have a much better understanding on issues relating to employee manipulation. You will have the option to chose which vendor partner that you support and attend the workshop that they will be teaching along with KFCC. If your organization uses Delegate than you would attend the Delegate Workshop. If your organization uses Overseer/Parapet Studios you can attend the Overseer/Parapet Studios workshop. The Education Committee has worked with each vendor and our main goal is to teach you how to use their software to find any issues quickly. Once you find a potential issue, they will teach you how to dive deeper to see if that issue needs an action to be taken. You won’t want to miss this valuable time with two vendors who will teach you how to find manipulation quickly and efficiently. 


We’re Ready for “Prime Time,” Are You?

By Kelly Rodenberg

With the opportunities and challenges facing you in your restaurants, I encourage you to attend our Town Hall Game Day Show scheduled for Saturday, February 24 from 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. This franchisee roundup show will provide unlimited access to all the highlights, scores, interviews and analysis from the top AKFCF games played over the 2017/2018 season. Superstar players from the OEC, OSC, REC, GAC, RSCS, NCAC and AKFCF will join host Bryan Robinson to give fans a thorough and insightful analysis of all the team efforts from the frontline. Viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions of their favorite players. The AKFCF Town Hall is for franchisees only and provides an opportunity for you to share your voice and vision with your fellow colleagues. Segments will include:

  • Government Affairs Review with Mary Donahue and Peg Duenow
  • Partnership Survey Results with Alessio DiFranco
  • RSCS Highlights with Chris Held
  • OSC Report by Tom Broome
  • OEC Briefing from Marcus Shelton
  • REC News by Jamie Jackson
  • Technology Input from Brandon Robertson

After the above players are interviewed, Tom Slater, NCAC vice chair; Ron Gardner, AKFCF legal counsel; and Eric Overcash, AKFCF president, will join the team panel to answer any questions and address any concerns you have. If you are unable to attend or want to submit a question in advance, send them to AKFCFgameday@gmail.com.

If you have not already, please take time to review the results of the partnership survey in advance.

Don't Risk Paying a No-Show Fee!
Both of the dinner events in Anaheim require a cancellation notice so as not to incur a $100 penalty.

If you previously indicated you would be attending the dinner on Friday night or the Picnic on Saturday evening and your plans have changed, you must let us know when you check in at registration, February 21 in order not to be charged.

AKFCF Silent Auction – Bring Your Credit Cards and Checkbooks
We are keeping it in the family this year! A silent auction will be hosted by the AKFCF and 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to the KFC Foundation. The auction will open on Wednesday, February 21 at noon and close at 10:00 p.m. on Friday, February 23. The items and bid sheets will be located in the ballroom foyer.

The heart of what the KFC Foundation does is care for KFC Restaurant employees. As an independent nonprofit organization, the Foundation is committed to providing accessible support and development opportunities to KFC U.S. restaurant teams. Through their charitable education and crisis assistance programs, the Foundation also gives KFC operators valuable tools for recruitment, retention, and engagement. Some of the items include:

  • 3 autographed guitars from The Band Perry
  • 2018 SEC Football Championship Package (Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2018 in Atlanta, GA)
  • Tickets to see Hamilton in NYC, along with airfare and accommodations
  • The AKFCF “Prime Time” TV furniture set of 4 white chairs and KFC Bucket Coffee Table
  • And many more!

With the money collected, the KFC Foundation can continue their efforts with the below programs:

REACH Educational Grant Program: The REACH Educational Grant Program® helps restaurant employees pursue their dreams of going to college.

Rise with GEDWorks: For KFC restaurant employees who didn’t graduate from high school, Rise is a pathway to achieving their dreams — with personal support and a test-pass guarantee.

KFC Family Fund: The KFC Family Fund helps restaurant employees through a personal hardship, crisis or natural disaster.

New Personal Finance Program: When it comes to money, having a plan will help you live a better life. The KFC Foundation’s newest charitable offering pairs a powerfully simple (and completely confidential) online financial wellness service with a personal advisor to help employees take charge of their money right away.

Visit the KFC Foundation Booth (521) in the Exhibitor Showcase for more information. See You in Anaheim!


GAC Report: Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act – Passes H.S. House of Representatives 

By Mary Donohue

On Tuesday, February 6, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 722 the Common-Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act by a roll call vote of 266-157. This bill is sponsored by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and amends the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to improve and clarify certain disclosure requirements for restaurants and similar retail food establishments, and to amend the authority to bring proceedings under section 403A.

Restaurants and retail food establishments would have more discretion in how they display nutritional information on menus under H.R. 722.

The bill would direct the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reissue its menu labeling rules that require chain restaurants and retail food establishments with 20 or more locations to provide calorie and nutrition information for standard menu items. The FDA finalized the rules, which were required by the Affordable Care Act, in 2014 but the compliance deadline has since been extended until May 2018. 

The rules generally require calorie and nutritional information to be displayed within the establishment in one or two ways, depending on how a food item is displayed or sold. Calories have to be posted “per discrete unit” for items such as a slice of pizza, bagel, or muffin. Calories must be displayed per serving for items such as deli salads, soup, or ice cream. The rules include additional requirements for self-service counters, such as salad bars. 

If an establishment doesn’t comply with the rules, the food is deemed misbranded and could result in criminal or civil penalties. Penalties can vary depending on the frequency or severity of violations. 

"The FDA’s one-size-fits-all approach places additional burdens on the backs of our nation’s small business owners without giving them the flexibility they need to actually comply with the regulations,” Rodgers said in a released statement. 

Reps. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and Gene Green (D-TX) wrote in the committee report on the bill that it “contains numerous provisions that both decrease consumer access to nutritional information and increase the likelihood of inconsistent or confusing menu labels.” Pallone is ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Green is ranking member of the panel’s Health Subcommittee. 

Revised Rules
The bill would require the FDA to issue new rules for displaying nutrition information within one year of enactment and specify a compliance date. Under the revised requirements, restaurants would be allowed to determine how calories are displayed and what constitutes a serving size of standard menu items. Establishments that receive a majority of their orders online or over the phone could provide nutrition information online, rather than on their premises.

The information used for disclosures could vary from actual nutrient content for a number of reasons, including different serving sizes, inadvertent human error, or variations in ingredients.

The bill would also require the FDA to establish standards for displaying information for menu items that come in different varieties — such as soda, pizza, doughnuts, or children’s combination meals. Retailers would be able to choose to display the nutrition information for the whole item or a serving of the item. They also could decide to disclose the content using ranges, averages, or individual labels.

Enforcement Changes
Establishments would have 90 days after being notified of a violation to take corrective action. The FDA would be barred from imposing certification requirements for demonstrating compliance.

The bill would bar states from petitioning the FDA to allow for different labeling requirements than those established by the bill.

Retailers would be exempt from federal and state civil liability for violating the requirements. The exemption wouldn’t apply to civil fines or actions taken by the government to enforce the requirements.

Cost Estimate
Implementing the bill would cost $8 million from fiscal 2018 through 2022, subject to appropriation, according to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost estimate.

The bill wouldn’t affect mandatory spending or revenue and doesn’t contain intergovernmental or private-sector mandates. The CBO said the changes to state petitions wouldn’t be considered a mandate under the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act because the FDA already has authority over state nutrition laws.

Donate to the PAC: Contributing to the AKFCF PAC is the best way to support the election and reelection committees of pro-business members of Congress who share the same concerns as franchisees. The money raised in the PAC goes directly to members of Congress.

You may make your 2017 AKFCF PAC donation online by visiting our portal on the AKFCF website. Please click here to be guided to the website and contribute. 

For more information, please contact your regional GAC representative or Mary Donohue of Polaris Consulting, LLC (mdonohue@polariswdc.com).  


January 2018

GAC Report: Joint Employment – Where do we go from here? 

By Mary Donohue

On Wednesday, November 8, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 3441, the Save Local Business Act, by a roll call vote of 242-181. We were extremely pleased that the bill passed with strong bipartisan support and in a timely manner.

The bill amends the National Labor Relations Act and Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to provide that a person may be considered a joint employer in relation to an employee only if such person directly, actually, and immediately, (and not in a limited or indirect manner), exercises significant control over the essential terms and conditions of employment (hiring employees, discharging employees, determining individual employee rate of pay and benefits, day-to-day supervision of employees, assigning individual work schedules, positions, and tasks, and administering employee discipline).

The joint employer issue has been of concern to KFC franchisees since the National Labor Relations Board updated their standard. The new standard makes employers more liable for the actions of their employees — thus creating uncertainty across the industry.

The new standard also would have the likely effect of making disgruntled employees potentially more likely to sue, as they may now believe they would have the deep pocket of the franchisor to chase, and not just the small business owner that actually employed them.

However, we recently received wonderful news from the NLRB. On Dec. 14, 2017, the NLRB reversed its 2015 BFI decision and returned the standard to its original. The board ruled that to be classified as “joint employer,” jointly liable for labor violations, a business must have a direct and immediate connection to the employers in question.

Even though this is a big win for our industry, it does not change the need for legislation in Congress. There is a lot of litigation built up over the years on the BFI theory in both the federal and state courts that is unresolved. Without a legislative solution, we could find ourselves back with the same level of uncertainty with a change in administration or a different National Labor Relations Board.

The legislation that passed the House in November of last year now awaits a companion in the Senate. We will keep the AKFCF updated on its movement and call upon franchisees for support at strategic moments.

Donate to the PAC: Contributing to the AKFCF PAC is the best way to support the election and reelection committees of pro-business Members of Congress who share the same concerns as franchisees.

The money raised in the PAC goes directly to Members of Congress. You may make your 2017 AKFCF PAC donation online by visiting our portal on the AKFCF website. Please click here to be guided to the website and contribute.

For more information, please contact your regional GAC representative or Mary Donohue of Polaris Consulting, LLC (mdonohue@polariswdc.com).


Happy New Year!

By Kelly Rodenberg

What better way to kick-off the New Year than to learn how to be more successful. A few months back, Eric Overcash appointed Larry Starkey to take the lead on a “Best Practice” initiative along with the support of the AKFCF Education Committee. We know there is so much to learn from one another if we take the time to share our knowledge.

If others are doing well, people tend to be interested in what they are doing and how they’re doing it, so that they, too, can be successful. Sharing best practices is a key part attributing to the success of any organization.

A best practice, loosely-defined, is a standard-operating method that produces the best performance and results. Best practices are not, however, rules or laws. They are bendable, adaptable to individual needs and systems. They are learning tools. Having a franchisee culture that embraces the sharing of best practices can help avoid reinventing the wheel, and more quickly enact new processes or programs that can help improve internal processes and service to customers. By its very nature, a franchise organization thrives on best practices. Sharing what successful franchisees are doing encourages others to do the same.

Our hope is to provide these best practices to you on a monthly basis. 

The Bowlings
We traveled to Dayton, Ohio to find out why the five restaurants of Don and Joan Bowling were up 12.5 percent in sales for 2017. Four of their restaurants have been remodeled, and the results are way above normal. We wanted to find out what they might be doing differently. Watch the video to see and better understand their results.

  • Their restaurants were in good condition prior to the remodeling 
  • Most of the Dayton DMA was remodeled as a market 
  • Find out why the "Lid Effect" could have made a difference 
  • See their digital reader boards and their impact to customer perception 
  • A new approach to operations 

If you have best practices you would like to share, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Education Committee Update

By Rob Rianna

The AKFCF Education Committee has been hard at work preparing our presenters to deliver world-class Workshops at the Annual Convention in Anaheim. We started in June searching for topics that we believe are relevant to the KFC system. As the committee began to evaluate ideas that could most benefit the system, we decided to create workshops that would focus on two main issues that could help the system: People and Profitability.

We cannot run Best on Block restaurants without having the right people on the team. So in this article, we will be all about the workshops that will help us have the best people. It is hard enough to find the right people in today’s competitive market, but if you find the right person, how do you keep them? That is why we created the Hire Top Talent and Create a Culture Where People Stay Workshop. This workshop will guide you through enhancements in the Talent at KFC Program and then introduce the New Team Member Onboarding Program to help retain the top talent that we need to be successful. This workshop will take place on Thursday, February 22, and you can attend at 2 p.m., 3:15 p.m., or 4:30 p.m. Please watch our Carpool Karaoke Video to learn how to “Keep Them All” https://youtu.be/imp2OlOU1SA.

Did you know that currently, we have five different generations that could be working at one of our KFC restaurants? With five different generations, it can be a struggle to know how to reward and recognize their accomplishments. This workshop will be led by Scott Zimmer of BridgeWorks and will not only be instructional but FUN! Scott is a Gen Xer who has been researching this topic for 15 years. Our goal is that you will leave this workshop knowing how to better understand each generation and help create an environment in your restaurants where all the generations could thrive. This workshop will take place on Saturday, February 24 at 1:30 p.m. Please watch our Carpool Karaoke Video to learn more about the generations workshop https://youtu.be/U4NG_Xn7aCs.

How can the AKFCF Convention take place right next to Disneyland and we not learn where all that Disney Magic comes from? Who better to learn some of these secrets from than one of the men who helped shape the Management Training Culture at Disney University? Doug Lipp has written eight books and has been helping organizations better train their teams for more than 20 years. Learn some of Doug’s proven concepts on how to build loyal and engaged team members in your KFC restaurant. “Be our Guest” and attend the How to Bring the Magic of Disney Alive in your Restaurant on Thursday, February 22 at the following times: 2 p.m., 3:15 p.m. or 4:30 p.m. Please watch our Carpool Karaoke Video to learn more about this exciting Workshop https://youtu.be/AvrScfU45HU

What does it take to become a Best of the Best RGM of a KFC restaurant? If you want to find out their secrets, you will not want to miss our Listen and Learn from our Best Workshop. At this year’s convention, we will have multi-year Best of the Best Winners that will share some of their success stories. Four very talented RGM’s will be our panel for this talk-show-style workshop. You will even have the opportunity to ask these RGM’s some questions from the crowd. If you want your restaurant to achieve Best of the Best recognition, do not miss this Workshop on Saturday, February 24 at 3:30 p.m. If you want to become a “Believer,” stay tuned for the Carpool Karaoke Video that will be coming out soon!



December 2017

Celebration for Success and Education

By Franklyn Nye

The Southwestern Association RGM celebration will be held next year at the Crown Plaza in Dallas, Texas, April 9 – 11, 2018.

Why should you attend this meeting? I have 300 reasons why: Cash, learning, cash, friends, cash, fun, cash. Have you figured it out yet? Every franchise organization that registers and participates in all the meetings with their RGM/ARL will receive a $300 refund.  This is only one of the reasons you should attend, though.

More than that, our workshops will be great learning environments for your teams, and we’ll have a lot of fantastic activities to keep up the energy levels and keep the RGM’s fully engaged in the meetings.

The meetings will begin on Monday, April 9 at 9 a.m. with a general SW Association membership meeting.  This will allow our RGM’s to arrive for the opening session at 1 p.m., where they are sure to be thrilled and excited for the next 48 hours.  Kevin Hochman, Phil Klezmer and other members of the KFCC Leadership team, will be presenting to the RGM’s on Tuesday from 10 to 1.  We will be enlightened about the new future of the KFC system operations and processes.

We will celebrate with all our RGM/ARL, because, as we all know, they are the most important part of each of our businesses. Without them, we would not be where we are today. Our RGM’s will meet and greet some of the best vendors within the KFC system, as they will be able to be hands on with them and their wares.

We will again have a Casino Night & Costume party for our final night shindig. The theme will be Super Heroes / Villains.  We are planning to ramp up the excitement, with more food, drinks, and fun.

Go to the www.swkfcfa.org website for more information. Come join the fun! As a member of the SW Region, you can register at the following link. https://www.regonline.com/registration/Checkin.aspx?EventID=2039872

Upper Midwest Regional Short

By Kevin Schlutz

The Upper Midwest regional board has been discussing for a number of years how to replace the many benefits of the mostly defunct local co-op meetings, especially the sharing of best practices and camaraderie. Those meetings were much more than just deciding on advertising initiatives. Franchisees compared sales and costs, talked about issues and shared best practices, and more often than not, came to solutions that could benefit all of them. While national advertising has been proven to be more efficient, we have lost the benefits of getting together every month or so for good old-fashioned sharing.  

Two opportunities have presented themselves so far in our region. This month, there will be a WCO-type meeting in Omaha, hosted by Upper Midwest First VP Jason Zakaras, for franchisees in the surrounding area to try and replicate the benefits we are missing from those co-op meetings. Then, in April, at our spring RGM meeting at the Mystic Lake Resort outside Minneapolis, President Bob Clawson has decided the first half day will be set aside for franchisees and ARLs to come together in a best practice sharing session. What we will learn from this first session will help us plan the agenda for the second. Our hope is that these first attempts will lead to further regularly scheduled and structured meetings in the future, so that all franchisee members may participate, share and gain valuable insights.

The power of the AKFCF and its regions is the combined knowledge and wisdom shared by all of its members, large or small, young or old, so that all might advance and prosper. The Upper Midwest region is constantly working for the benefit of its members. 

GAC Update: End of Year Discussion

By Mary Donohue

On Thursday, Dec. 7, Congress sent President Donald Trump a two-week extension, or continuing resolution (CR), of federal funding that averts a government shutdown this week but defers contentious decisions on spending on defense and domestic programs.

The White House said the President would sign the bill extending the government spending at current levels until Dec. 22. That will be the new deadline for negotiations.

If the President and the lawmakers can agree on overall budget limits over the next two weeks, one option would be to include that in yet another short-term spending bill to keep the government open until sometime in January. Then Congress could try to hash out the remaining details of a trillion-dollar spending plan for the rest of the fiscal year. Lawmakers also are likely to take up raising the nation’s debt limit at the same time.

If there’s need for another continuing resolution, members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus want it to include a full defense appropriations bill, in an attempt to fund the Pentagon without having to agree to a corresponding increase in non-defense funds. 

Tax Update: Where are we now?

Republican negotiations over their tax overhaul bill continue, and talks made progress this week over the corporate rate, while some other issues linger. Republicans are pushing for tax overhaul as a centerpiece of their 2018 midterm campaigns in the face of polls showing Americans disapprove of the plan. Critics say the GOP proposals are skewed towards helping the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

President Trump and many GOP lawmakers have been intent on setting the corporate rate at 20 percent to keep U.S. companies from moving their factories and jobs offshore. But Trump unexpectedly changed his stance last weekend and suggested he was open to 22 percent.

The average rate among countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is about 23 percent and the U.K. is going to be 18 percent next year.

Ethanol & the RFS:

President Trump urged Republicans to settle their differences over the U.S. biofuel mandate at a White House meeting with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and other senators critical of the requirement for ethanol use. Apparently, no resolution was reached at the meeting.

Some senators are exploring the possibility of putting a cap on the price of renewable identification numbers RINs, the tradeable credits used to show compliance with annual biofuel quotas. That could be paired with other changes to help ethanol and biodiesel producers, such as moves to build more renewable fuel blending infrastructure.

Donate to the PAC: Contributing to the AKFCF PAC is the best way to support the election and reelection committees of pro-business members of Congress who share the same concerns as franchisees. The money raised in the PAC goes directly to members of Congress.

You may make your 2017 AKFCF PAC donation online by visiting our portal on the AKFCF website. Please click here to be guided to the website and contribute.

For more information, please contact your regional GAC representative or Mary Donohue of Polaris Consulting, LLC (mdonohue@polariswdc.com).

Are YOU Ready for PrimeTime?

By Kelly Rodenberg

If not, it’s time! The first step is to register by Sunday, Dec. 31. This is the final day to take advantage of the $150 rate. Afterwards, the fee will go up to $250. You can easily register online at http://www.akfcf.com/convention/registration.html

The next step is to make your hotel reservations at the Anaheim Marriott. The group rate is only $199 and this will expire on Jan. 22, 2018. To book your hotel room online, go to https://aws.passkey.com/go/AKFCF2018. You can also make your reservation by calling 877-622-3056 and inform the agent you are with the AKFCF Convention.

Now you just have to make your travel plans. If you are flying into Anaheim, the John Wayne-Orange County Airport (SNA) is only a 14-mile drive from the Marriott. You can also fly into Long Beach Airport (LGB) which is 18.2 miles away or into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at 35 miles out.

If you are local to the area and will be driving, self-parking is available at $25 per day.

The city of Anaheim is the home of Disneyland and provides a great opportunity for some family fun.  If you need tickets to Disneyland or California Adventure Park, click here https://www.mydisneygroup.com/ZMAB18A  to take advantage of our group discount.

For detailed information on all that Anaheim offers and other surrounding areas to visit, go to visitanaheim.org.

We promise an engaging, upbeat, and comedic energy to this multi-layered program. It will be filled with fun, education, networking, music and laughter.

I hope your holidays are filled with the same fun, family and laughter this season. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


November 2017

Upper Midwest KFC Franchisees Association 43 Years and Going Strong

Membership is a year-long exercise. According to our bylaws, members must renew by the region’s annual meeting, which takes place in October, to be considered in good standing for that year. Since the bylaws also state that only members in good standing can attend meetings, the first renewal notification to the members goes out early in the year, even though convention attendance is based on prior year membership. This prompts a few members to renew.

The next reminder goes out prior to the Spring RGM meeting, which prompts most of our members to renew to be eligible to attend. Once the Spring meeting is over, individual invoices are prepared and mailed to the remaining franchisees in the region who have not renewed, giving them 30 days to go to the national membership site and renew. 

Follow-up by the state directors and regional officers ensues until the Fall annual meeting, for which attendees must pay their dues to attend. This progressive process has worked well for the Upper Midwest region over the last few years to get over 95 percent of the restaurants in the region to renew each year. Every January, the slate is wiped clean and the process starts all over again.

The National Renewal Site has significantly improved the process of renewing membership, especially for members who have restaurants in several regions. The process allows them to renew their membership for all regions at the same time and pay only one operator fee instead of multiple fees if they do their renewals separately. This not only saves time, but saves money, and offers the reassurance that their membership is all taken care of for that calendar year.

Regional secretaries send the link to their franchisees, who can use the same password they use for convention or other meetings. The simple process pre-populates their information and all that is required of franchisees is to put in the number of restaurants they operate in each region and make their payment, either by credit card or check. It couldn’t be easier and the streamlined process eliminates a host of potential errors.

GAC Newsletter Update

House GOP Leadership released the much-anticipated tax bill on Thursday, Nov.2. After a display of unity for the unveiling of an ambitious plan to slash individual and corporate taxes, some House Republicans and interest groups began to pick out parts of the legislation that were not well received.

After the unveiling, at least four Republicans said they would vote against the bill in its current form – most of them Northeast Republicans who represent districts that would get slammed by the plans’ elimination of state and local income-tax deductions. Republicans can only lose a total of 22 votes in the House as the Democrats have already come out in full against the bill. 

The AKFCF is primarily concerned with the 70/30 pass-through provision outlined in the bill. As it reads now, if you structure your business as a pass-through entity, the first 30 percent of franchisees’ income from the pass-through would be taxable at the reduced rate of 25 percent. The remaining income would revert to whatever income bracket you fall in. Here are the new brackets in the draft:

  • 12 percent ($0 - $90k)
  • 25 percent ($90k - $260k)
  • 35 percent ($260 - $1 million)
  • 39.6 percent (over $1 million)

Additionally, the current version outlines a “prove out” provision that allows active owners to pay up to another 30 percent at the reduced 25 percent rate based on assets. Though this avenue to greater savings appears to be a good solution, we’re unsure of the process of applying for the additional lower rate. Furthermore, the “prove out” provision essentially negates one of the top priorities Republican leadership had when they started to work on tax reform – making tax reform less complicated, not more, for American small business owners.

While we applaud our leaders in Congress for engaging in the tax reform effort, we must ensure that small businesses receive comparable treatment to large corporations. We are looking forward to working with leadership this coming week when the tax bill is on the floor to ensure AKFCF franchisees of all sizes receive tax breaks of substantial relief.

Donate to the PAC: Contributing to the AKFCF PAC is the best way to support the election and re-election committees of pro-business members of Congress who share the same concerns as franchisees. The money raised in the PAC goes directly to members of Congress.

You may make your 2017 AKFCF PAC donation online by visiting our portal on the AKFCF website. Please click here to be guided to the website and contribute.

For more information, please contact your regional GAC representative or Mary Donohue of Polaris Consulting, LLC (mdonohue@polariswdc.com). 

Are you aware of all the membership benefits that AKFCF offers?

Membership in AKFCF keeps franchisees on top of important, ever-changing issues, trends and legislation within our industry. Many of you, however, believe the greatest benefit of being a member in our association is the networking and camaraderie that goes on among members. Below are just a few of the benefits of your membership:

  • Strengthening the KFC franchisee system through a "one voice" role in decision making and legal matters.
  • Attendance at the AKFCF’s Annual Convention (only association members and their guests are invited to attend the Convention, which is the ONLY annual convention held for the KFC franchisees in the United States).
  • Subscription to AKFCF Quarterly magazine and E-News, which is full of updates and information about the KFC business.
  • Communication and networking to address common issues, including the AKFCF Mobile App, which is for franchisee association members ONLY!
  • Education and training that you won't get anywhere else - even from our Franchisor.
  • Opportunity to serve on the national board or committee, speak at a meeting or write an article. (Serving on a regional board is a prerequisite to serving on the AKFCF’s board and being considered for a national officer position.)
  • Providing important back-up support to the KFC franchisee members of the National Council and Advertising Cooperative (NCAC).

Please take a few moments today and visit www.akfcf.com. As a member, you have access to all-inclusive member resources and tools through the AKFCF website.

Membership in the AKFCF not only benefits the teams of your restaurants, but it also projects a positive image of your restaurant to your customers. Membership in AKFCF shows a business’ initiative, engagement and a commitment to staying abreast of developments in the industry.

To gain the most from your membership, keep in mind you will get what you put into it. This means you want to be an active and productive member who mingles with other members and contributes to the community by curating useful content. We promise it will worth the time you invest.


October 2017

Autumn is Awesome!

By Kelly Rodenberg
Each season has its perks, but none quite like the fall. It’s time to relish the crisp, cool weather this time of year brings. Everyone enjoys a nice, sunny summer afternoon, but when temperatures soar to the mid-90s, it's just one miserable experience. And, ladies, we all know what less humidity means to you: Better hair days. It’s time to turn off the air conditioners and open the windows!

There’s no denying that the weather is perhaps the most anticipated part of the fall, but honestly there are so many more great aspects.

Fall Foliage

Everything is just that much prettier in the fall. Sure, snow is great to look at, but it is NOT convenient when you have to shovel the driveway in -10 degree temperatures. Summer may leave you nice and bronzed, but that doesn’t stop you from dripping sweat after every place you venture to. And do we really even have a spring anymore? The changing of the leaves creates some of the most beautiful scenery as you walk through most any city.

TV Time

Even though younger audiences don't adhere to quite the same viewing habits as those of previous decades, there's no bigger time of year for a TV fanatic than the fall season. Our favorites are back and we look forward to seeing what’s new. (Yes, I was one of those who couldn’t wait for Will and Grace to return.)


Everyone loves a good excuse to get dressed up and eat tons of candy without feeling too guilty. It doesn’t matter how old you are, this holiday doesn’t have an age limit. Plus, we all know we still watch those scary horror movies made in the ‘80s.


Whether you are cozying up to a good book or a homemade meal, nothing is quite as serene as hanging by the fire. After a long week at work, this can be just what you need to put your mind at ease. And, the bonus – campfire s’mores!

NFL and College Football

Sunday afternoons take on a whole different meaning in the fall: one filled with wings, fantasy leagues and beer. This is also the time to cheer on your college team. College football also gives you a great excuse to visit your old school and relive your glory days at epic tailgates. I have to admit, for me it is the NHL season that I look forward to. Go Hawks!

Comfy Clothes

Ah, the time to whip out your favorite sweaters, boots, jeans, lounge wear, and hoodies.

Did Someone Say Pumpkin Spice?

It’s the season for pumpkin spice everything! On October 1, I anxiously waited in the Starbucks drive-thru line for my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. I even found pumpkin spice dog treats this year. From pumpkin pie to pumpkin craft beers, it’s all amazing!

Take a Look at the AKFCF Fall Line-up!

2018 Convention Registration

Registration for the 2018 Annual Convention is now open! Click here for detailed information on this year’s program and how to register. Watch for your brochure in the mail next week and for a special teaser video on Anaheim later this month.

Best Practices

Learn from the experiences of your peers! Each month we will highlight a specific region sharing a few of their best practices and success stories. This month you will read an update from the Northeast. Please send me your best ideas, practices, and special people who have made a difference in your restaurant so that we can share your story next month.

Large Franchisee Summit

The AKFCF Executive Committee has invited franchisees from 14 large operator groups across the country for a two-day brainstorming session to be held in Chicago next month. As franchise consolidation continues, we felt it was time to start looking at who we are serving and the services we offer, plus to take into consideration the forces that are affecting our larger franchisees. The goal is to position ourselves to offer events and services that meet the needs of all our members – no matter what size organization. We acknowledge that there is a broader constituency that we have not tapped into, and we need to look at the dynamics within their management and operations. Every franchisee has an impact within our Association. We look forward to sharing with you the ideas and strategies from this summit over the next few months.

Award Nominations

Please take a moment out of your schedule today to nominate a special person you know for one of  the AKFCF’s awards. A list of awards and their descriptions can be found in this edition of eNews. Many of you see colleague’s everyday who go above and beyond for the brand and deserve to be recognized. Please share their names with Eric Overcash or me by Nov. 1.

Regional Association Fall Meetings

I encourage all of you who are considering attending a Regional meeting this fall to make the decision to go. It is the perfect environment to meet new people, network with your local KFC friends and family, update yourself on industry related news, hear from the KFCC LT on key insights and brand strategies – and of course Eric, Ron, and I will provide you with the latest on AKFCF actions and legal updates.

Nominate a Fellow Franchisee by Nov. 1!

If you know someone who demonstrates leadership, commitment, and involvement with AKFCF, please nominate them for consideration as a candidate for one of the below awards.

President's Award
The President’s Award honors members of the AKFCF who over the course of time, have made substantial contributions to the development of the Association and the KFC Brand. Individuals adhere to high standards of professionalism, decency and collegiality. Awarded to franchisees who have consistently worked to support the AKFCF’s mission statement and who have performed “over and above” what has been required.  This award is at the President’s discretion and approved by the Executive Committee.

Colonel's Legacy Award
Awarded to second and third generation franchisees who have made a significant impact within their region or nationally.  It recognizes individuals for their noteworthy contributions, innovative thinking and volunteerism. This award is at the President’s discretion and approved by the Executive Committee.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Presented for the first time in 2015, the Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has given decades of outstanding service and voluntary leadership spanning a career in franchising. This award is at the President’s discretion and approved by the Executive Committee.

The awards program recognizes individual accomplishments and contributions to the association community, and is a call for continued service within the system. Awards winners serve as a role models and mentors for individuals who are interested in making a commitment to a career as a KFC franchisee.

Please send your nominations for all awards listed above on or before Nov. 1 to AKFCF President Eric Overcash at eovercash@oincorporated.com.

Please include a detailed summary stating the reasons for this person’s nomination and head shot photo of the nominee. Eric Overcash will choose the recipients, subject to the approval of the AKFCF Executive Committee, and the awards will be presented at the 2018 Annual AKFCF Convention this February in Anaheim, California.

For questions, contact Kelly at 224-209-6701 or at kelly.rodenberg@akfcf.com.

Taking care of our own when they need it the most.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have devastated southern parts of the U.S. Fortunately, the KFC Foundation is here to help KFC’s frontline workers impacted by these historic natural disasters.

Through today, Sept. 21, the KFC Foundation has disbursed $93,000 to 186 KFC restaurant employees whose homes or vehicles were damaged by one of the recent hurricanes via our large-scale/quick disbursement process. KFC Family Fund applications continue to come in and the Foundation stands ready and able to assist.

All thanks to you!

Franchisees and their monetary support through the Cole Slaw Donation Program, along with additional gifts from individual franchisees and the generosity of the KFC Corporation, make it possible for the KFC Foundation to be a comprehensive employee support organization, assisting frontline workers via education and hardship assistance programs.

Changes in 2018
In 2018, the KFC Family Fund joins the REACH Educational Grant Program and Rise with GEDWorks (same program, new name!) as being available exclusively to employees at restaurants participating in the Cole Slaw Donation Program. Thanks to the overwhelming majority of KFC U.S. franchisees who contribute to the Foundation in this way, these programs will be here for your people when they need our help.

New in 2018! Financial literacy for participating restaurant employees… Additional information coming your way soon.

Questions? Contact the Foundation at foundation@kfc.com or 800-248-5092.

AKFCF Fall Fly-in Update

On Oct. 3 and 4, the AKFCF GAC returned to Washington, D.C., for the second time this year to meet with Members of Congress and discuss a few legislative priorities; there were 14 franchisees that attended, and they visited with more than 30 congressional offices.  

The fly-in began on Tuesday, with attendees meeting on Capitol Hill to participate in an afternoon briefing session with industry professionals. They were briefed on issues such as tax reform, minimum wage, overtime, joint-employer, health care, ethanol and the RFS. They also visited with congressional staff from the House Education and Workforce Committee.

The afternoon briefing session serves a few purposes, but most importantly it prepares franchisees for their Hill meetings the following day. Hearing about current events and strategy nuances from industry professionals help the attendees stay on message.

On Wednesday, Oct. 4, the franchisees hit the Hill and spent the morning visiting with Senators and the afternoon meeting with Congressman. We determine the Members that each franchisee visits by their address and store locations, while considering the strategic objectives we are trying to fulfill.

Over the two days, we also hosted four fundraisers for various Members of Congress:

  • Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL)
  • Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)
  • Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX)
  • Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO)

These Members are important to the AKFCF and for a variety of reasons. For example, Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) is the original cosponsor on the joint-employer bill we currently have in the House; Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) is the Chairman of the House Rules Committee – every piece of legislation goes through the Rules Committee and he determines which will get a vote; Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) is the Chairman of the Blue Dogs Coalition, a left of center group of free-market Democrats, and is a huge supporter of our joint-employer legislation; and Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) sits on the House Ways & Means Committee and will be instrumental in rolling our the GOP tax reform plan.

During the fundraisers, franchisees get to introduce themselves to the Members and share personal anecdotes of how actions on Capitol Hill impact their businesses. The fundraisers are closed to outside parties and only fly-in attendees are present – providing a private environment for frank discussions. 

If any members from the AKFCF would like to participate in one of our Washington, D.C., fly-ins, please contact your GAC representative.

Donate to the PAC: Contributing to the AKFCF PAC is the best way to support the election and reelection committees of pro-business Members of Congress who share the same concerns as franchisees. The money raised in the PAC goes directly to Members of Congress. You may make your 2017 AKFCF PAC donation online by visiting our portal on the AKFCF website. Please click here to be guided to the website and contribute.

For more information, please contact your regional GAC representative or Mary Donohue of Polaris Consulting, LLC (mdonohue@polariswdc.com).

Northeast Region: Best Demonstrated Practices

By Dale Moulton

Our biggest challenge up until four years ago was our bench strength. Ric Rozier, Rob Rianna, and Keith Cole unselfishly served as the president of the Northeast twice. During Ric’s second presidency, Jim Waters came into the rotation. Clinton Lewis behind him. Then I was asked to be part of the rotation. If it had not been for Ray Aley, Larry Starkey, Mrs. Pfeiffer, Don Lopes, Freddy Gallant, and many others who offered their support and genuine caring, I may have passed. Jim and Clinton welcomed me and made me feel part of team right away. Joe Farley had declined for many years until Jim, Clinton, and I asked him to come on board. Our rotation is now healthy with Denise Springers as our second vice president; Mike Houston is her shadow, and Alex Rosenblum comes in behind Mike. My involvement today is because of the heart felt invitation that I was extended by many members of the association. Both Joe and Denise would echo my sentiments. I would also go on to mention that the Northeast has shared the national stage with Mrs. Pfeiffer being the only two-time AKFCF president. Larry Starkey also was the president of the AKFCF, and Keith Cole is the sitting treasurer. Larry now represents the Northeast on the NCAC. There is once again a proud tradition within the Northeast not only to serve at the regional level but, more importantly, at the national level.

GAC Commitment
The Northeast has become engaged at both the local, state, and federal levels gaining the commitment and resources of the Northeast franchisees. Ray Aley has spearheaded the efforts of our franchisees to ensure that we are engaged with every level of government that impacts our business. Ray has truly been a champion of our cause and given much of his time to ensure that as many franchisees are involved as possible. Our lobby days in Albany have grown in frequency. Ray has rallied the troops on more than one occasion to ensure the Representatives at the state level know that we are engaged and need their support to better the experience of all. Our Washington fly ins are always well attended. And there is never an issue with finding candidates for the Northeast GAC; Rep. Don Lopes, and now Jim Waters, have worked hard to support the needs of our Association.

Upper Midwest:  Making a Multi-regional Meeting Work

By Kevin Schlutz

In Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico and Minnesota, we’re making the final preparations for another Super Regional fall meeting. Yes, you’ve heard “it takes a village.” In this case, it takes officers, secretaries, and volunteers from all three regions, plus our meetings director, to finish all the preparations to ensure a smooth-running meeting. It’s great to be able to share the work and then come together with all the details handled. While we all used to run our own meetings, and still do for the spring meetings, it is great for each region to do their part in the process and feel that pride of accomplishment when it all comes together. Whether it’s picking the menus, laying out the vendor hall, or running the actual meetings, lots of people are involved. It all starts with picking the venue, which takes place years before the actual event – making sure there is adequate meeting space, accommodations, and accessibility for travel. Picking a golf course for the annual outing. Setting up the registration sites and reservation links and sending invitations to the vendor partners, members, and corporate partners. Picking menus, developing agendas, contracting speakers, answering questions, coordinating with suppliers and service providers. Oh, and who is going to run the audio visual, since everyone has a deck these days? Thankfully, we have Jon and Justin who cheerfully volunteer for that, and we have no shortage of committee reports and others who have interesting messages for the participants.

That’s the whole purpose of all this work. To provide the proper atmosphere for members to listen, learn, discuss, and share what will make the system better, stronger, and more cohesive than they were before. As AKFCF President Eric Overcash says, it’s our job to provide the members with a great return on their investment of time and money to come to these meetings. That return takes many forms, and we all work together to make it happen.


September 2017

Becoming a Better Public Speaker

By Kelly Rodenberg

Jerry Seinfeld made a great joke based on a simple observation:

“I read a thing that actually says that speaking in front of a crowd is considered the number one fear of the average person. I found that amazing; number two was death! That means to the average person, if you have to be at a funeral, you would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

And even though this statement may be quite amusing, it is not scientifically accurate. However, research has shown that public speaking is in fact one of the most common social phobias.

So, for instance, when many of our association franchisees receive an amazing opportunity to take on a leadership role that involves numerous speaking engagements where they will have to talk on a particular subject in their field of expertise, or to give a live interview on the radio or TV, they immediately jump to a place inside themselves out of sheer panic. Hearts race, breathing stops, and minds go totally blank. For many, the mere thought of having to put themselves out there leaves them terrified, and they often turn down the offer to become a regional president or the president of the AKFCF.

Last year, Joan Bowling, AKFCF Leadership Committee chair, wanted to create a workshop to help future leaders overcome this fear, making the path to leadership less intimidating for those who wanted to climb the AKFCF executive ladder. We partnered with Chip Booth, executive producer of Booth Production Group, to develop a workshop series that would provide the tools and skills to prepare future leaders for public speaking.

Members invited to participate included: Greg Atwell, Eric Overcash, Bryan Robinson, Jim McKenize, Justin Stewart, Brandon Robertson, Jeanine Bagshaw, and Alessio DiFranco.

Part one of the workshop took place in January over an eight hour period. Attendees were asked to give impromptu ice breaker speeches on topics they knew nothing about. They learned how to use an official presidential teleprompter and talk from behind a lecturn. They had to memorize a Convention keynote speech given by one of AKFCF’s past presidents, make it their own, and then deliver it on stage in front of their peers. Once delivered, they were critiqued by their peers. Not an easy exercise to be part of!

Part two of the workshop just concluded in August. This time, the attendees had to write their own presidential keynote speech. They no longer had the security of standing behind a lecturn but had to walk and command a full stage. They had to learn how to use down stage confidence monitors and be prepared if, at some point, technology went out. Life never goes as planned; we are all dealt some curve balls, but it’s how we deal with those curve balls that matters!

Chances are that you'll sometimes have to speak in public as part of your role. While this can seem intimidating, the benefits of being able to speak well outweigh any perceived fears. To become a better speaker, use the following strategies:

  • Plan appropriately. Understand the process.
  • Practice. Practice a lot.
  • Engage with your audience. Relate your story to them. Add emotional touches.
  • Pay attention to your body language.
  • Think positively. Be confident.
  • Cope with your nerves.
  • Watch recordings of your speeches. Watch yourself speak in the mirror.
  • Talk about what you know. Make it your own.

The good news is that, with thorough preparation and practice, you can overcome your nervousness and perform exceptionally well. The more you push yourself to speak in front of others, the better you'll become and the more confidence you'll have.

This group worked hard, learned valuable skills, and had fun doing it! If you have any questions or would like to be involved in the next workshop on speech coaching, please contact Joan or myself.

Here are just a few quotes from some of the great speeches written by our attendees:

Brandon Robertson
“So, you see, we all have people in our lives that we owe our gratitude for helping us along our journey to become who we are today. If I had not taken the opportunity to call Minnie Stottle at Tony Orlando Theater and accepted the job as night auditor, I would not be a KFC franchisee today.”

Bryan Robinson
“The small changes you make today can make a big difference tomorrow. Accountability is ours; we need to continually evolve.”

Jim McKenzie
“The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past…we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one strength we have, and that is our attitude…I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”

Alessio DiFranco
“We have found that finding and cultivating leaders is a slow, grass-roots project that requires many people over time to grow leaders. They say raising a child takes a village. In this case, raising a leader takes a lot of chicken pluckers.”

Eric Overcash
“YOU GET BACK MANY TIMES MORE THAN WHAT YOU GIVE is never more true than with your KFC family!!!”

Justin Stewart
“I was once asked by a close friend, “What is it that helped you become successful in your career?” The answer instantly popped into my mind. I’ve just always known I would be. It’s not that I was cocky or arrogant; I just had this internal belief that one way or another I would succeed.”

GAC Report: Congress Returns to Deadlines & Division

Congress enters the fall legislative session facing a calendar peppered with a government funding decision, Trump administration nominees to consider, and a pending House Joint-Employer bill that would limit labor and employment liability for affiliated businesses.

The Senate considered political nominees and federal government appropriations during the run-up to the August recess. Some moves were delayed by the debate over replacing Obamacare. In the House, Republicans continued ongoing legislative effort to reverse some other Obama-era policies.

Lawmakers are likely to continue to pursue those priorities throughout the fall, but may once again be slowed by partisan divides. The Senate filibuster rule means the Republican majority in that chamber will need to convince at least eight Democrats to cross the aisle to move any legislation. 

Additionally, Congress must get past the looming possibility of a government shutdown. Legislation currently funding the government is set to expire at the end of September, and a long-term spending measure may be complicated by a dispute over whether to raise the federal debt ceiling.

Party-line division is largely expected to continue as members consider political nominees, employee benefits such as paid leave, union election procedures, joint employer liability, and conflict-of-interest restrictions for retirement advisers.

Deputy labor secretary nominee Patrick Pizzella is still awaiting Senate confirmation, and management lawyer William Emanuel still needs to be approved by senators for a seat on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Business advocates, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, would like to see the White House and Congress pick up the pace on nominations so that the Labor Department and NRLB can change course on various policy legal questions.

House Taking Legislative Lead & Labor Focus on Joint Employer Legislation

The GOP-controlled House this Congress has moved several pieces of legislation on labor-related issues such as compensatory time for overtime and union election rules.

Lawmakers plan to build on that success with a joint employer bill (H.R.3441) that could be marked up before the end of September. The Save Local Business Act would limit the circumstances under which businesses in staffing, franchise, and other contract relationship can be required to bargain with affiliated workers or be held responsible for wage-and-hour-violations related to those workers.

Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) has spearheaded the campaign for cosponsors during the August recess and is looking to add moderate Democrat support in addition to the strong Republican support he’s already finalized.

The legislation is the latest effort to reverse the National Labor Relations Board’s 2015 decision in Browing-Ferris Industries (BFI) in which the NRLB held that organizations with indirect control over contractors, franchisees, or staffing agency workers can be considered their joint employer under federal labor law. The bill would also undo the Fourth Circuit decision in which the appeals court took a similarly expansive view of liability in overtime and minimum wage cases.

The AKFCF GAC will be discussing this bill at length with lawmakers at our upcoming fall fly-in taking place October 3-5 in Washington, D.C.

Senate Focus on Funding & Nominations

Many bills that have found their way out of the House now sit untouched in the Senate as time-sensitive issues such as executive appointments and efforts to keep the government open after the end of the fiscal year take priority. The ongoing healthcare debate and upcoming push for a tax overhaul could also continue to clog up the calendar. 

The chamber’s appropriators will also be moving forward soon with their version of the Labor-HHS appropriations bill, which funds agencies such as the DOL and NLRB. The Appropriations Committee is scheduled to mark up the bill, which hasn’t been made public.

Donate to the PAC: Contributing to the AKFCF PAC is the best way to support the election and reelection committees of pro-business members of Congress who share the same concerns as franchisees. The money raised in the PAC goes directly to members of Congress. 

You may make your 2017 AKFCF PAC donation online by visiting our portal on the AKFCF website. Please click here to be guided to the website and contribute. 

For more information, please contact your regional GAC representative or Mary Donohue of Polaris Consulting, LLC (mdonohue@polariswdc.com).

August 2017

Great Lakes Regional Update

Planning hands-on service projects

Just as Harland Sanders left a lasting impact on fast food, he has also inspired KFC franchisees to give back to their communities. The Great Lakes Education Committee, chaired by Bob Widder, has taken on the task of planning hands on service projects for their region. On May 1, 2017, the Great Lakes kicked off their Spring Association Meeting by organizing a dinner at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Columbus, Ohio. The RMHC is a modern facility that houses families traveling far from home, spending weeks or months seeking treatment for seriously sick or injured children. The RMHC serves three meals a day, 365 days a year provided by individual donors, churches, organizations and corporate businesses like KFC. The GLEC had the task of feeding 150 family members of sick children being treated at Nationwide Children's Hospital. KFCC generously donated the food. Original Recipe chicken, mac and cheese, and green beans were brought in from local KFC restaurants. The fresh aroma of biscuits and cookies, baked on site, filled the Ronald McDonald House. Seventy volunteers, made up of KFCC employees, vendors, and franchisees served the families a home-style KFC meal.  It was great to support those in need and to show KFC cares by delivering a great southern style, home cooked meal!
How can you join the Great Lakes Education Committee on their next service project?  Stay tuned for details on the 2017 Fall Super Regional service project in St. Petersburg, Fla. This event will be a carry in donation to be given to a local charity.  We hope to see you there!  If you can't make it, there will be a hands on service event at the 2018 Fall Super Regional meeting in Denver, Colorado. As KFC franchisees, we work hard to preserve the legacy Harland Sanders left by giving back to the community.

GAC Report: Joint-Employer Legislation Introduced

On Thursday, July 27, Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL), Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA), Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI), and other cosponsors met on Capitol Hill to announce the introduction of the “Save Local Business Act” (H.R.3441).

The legislation will restore the NRLB’s joint employer standard as it existed prior to the 2015 Browning-Ferris case – creating certainty and stability in business relationships and restoring the prior standard of joint employment liability.

As you are aware, in the 2015 case involving a waste management company Browning-Ferris and a staffing agency, the NRLB abandoned a 30-year-old position that a company had to have direct control over the actions of an employee to be considered a joint employer. Instead, the board concluded that a company might be a joint employer even if it had indirect or potential control.

This is a concern to KFC franchisees because if the new standard is taken to its logical conclusion, franchisors such as KFC might determine that they will be liable no matter what happens, and as a result, decide to exercise even more control over the day to day operations of your independently owned and operated business. It also would have the likely effect of making disgruntled employees sue, as they may now believe they would have the deep pocket of the franchisor to chase, and not just the small business owner that employed them.

After the announcement by the cosponsors, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) released the following statement:
"In 2015, the NLRB made a terrible decision to hold privately-owned franchises accountable for employees working at other franchises that they didn't hire and have no relationship to. Deeming franchise owners 'joint-employers' of such employees could end up costing thousands of jobs, tank small businesses, and provide a boon for trial lawyers attacking businesses for labor practices that those franchise owners don't control. What's worse, this decision was made unilaterally by executive branch employees in the Obama Administration, giving the American people no chance to defend small businesses and voice their opposition through their representations.
"In America, we don't punish a person for someone else's actions. The Save Local Business Act introudced by Representative Bradley Byrne (AL-01) will treat American businesses fairly again so they can go back to what they do best -- hiring workers and providing quality products and services for their customers."

We are urging AKFCF members to reach out to their Members of Congress in the House of Representatives and encourage them to cosponsor the bill (H.R.3441). If you need help identifying your Member of Congress or need assistance getting in touch with their office, please contact Mary Donohue at Polaris Consulting (mdonohue@polariswdc.com) for more information. 

Donate to the PAC: Contributing to the AKFCF PAC is the best way to support the election and reelection committees of pro-business Members of Congress who share the same concerns as franchisees. The money raised in the PAC goes directly to Members of Congress.

You may make your 2017 AKFCF PAC donation online by visiting our portal on the AKFCF website. Please click here to be guided to the website and contribute.

For more information, please contact your regional GAC representative or Mary Donohue of Polaris Consulting, LLC (mdonohue@polariswdc.com). 

Back to Work After a Trip to Ireland

By Kelly Rodenberg

Since it’s the last month of summer, I thought I would share a few highlights of my summer vacation in Ireland with you.

Ireland’s reputation precedes itself, as a first-time visitor I thought I might know what to expect: fields of clover, wooly sheep, stone castles, some Irish stew and Guinness galore. But there’s so much more to Ireland than its stereotypical charms.

On March 20, I turned the big 50 and as a gift to myself for this milestone, I booked a trip to Ireland with three of my best friends. Mind you, we have been friends since middle school, were roommates in college and could survive a 10 day trip together 24/7.  We decided to skip the bus tours stopping at leprechaun-filled souvenir shops and find better things to explore on our own time. Instead, we plotted out our adventure by car from Shannon to Dublin. Below are just a few of my first-timer experiences to the Emerald Isles.

Driving in Ireland – Remember HARD&